2018 Municipal Election Correspondents

Many important municipal elections will be happening across Canada this fall. To keep you in the loop on these elections, we’ve assembled a team of political scientists to serve as election correspondents in big cities across BC, Manitoba, and Ontario. In the coming months, our correspondents will provide short briefings about the salient issues in the elections, the candidates who are running, and the most interesting and important election outcomes. Here’s our lineup:

  • Kitchener-Waterloo: Kate Daley, Independent Researcher (PhD York University)
  • London: Andrew Sancton, Department of Political Science, Western University
  • Mississauga: Erin Tolley, Department of Political Science, University of Toronto
  • Niagara Region: David Siegel, Department of Political Science, Brock University
  • Ottawa: Luc Turgeon and Anne Mévellec, Dept. of Political Studies, Univ. of Ottawa
  • Toronto: Michael McGregor, Department of Political Science, Ryerson University
  • Vancouver: Patrick Smith, Department of Political Science, SFU
  • Winnipeg: Aaron Moore, Department of Political Science, University of Winnipeg

We’re very excited to read these reports by some of Canada’s leading experts on municipal politics, elections, and voting, and we hope you’ll enjoy them too. The cities above certainly do not exhaust the list of interesting municipal elections happening in Canada later this year — if you’re a political scientist who would like to write an election-related post for the site, or if you’re interested in covering a municipal election as a “correspondent” for the blog, please get in touch! 

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